Welcome to the Plymouth Culture and ARTS Network (CAN) Website and Blog

On 13th March 2014, representatives from a wide range of cultural organisations as well as many individual artists, writers, musicians and performers, came together for the first Culture and Arts Network (CAN) at Barbican Theatre in Plymouth. The high attendance, debate and ideas from the floor demonstrated the need for a Culture and Arts Network in Plymouth.

Since then the network has met a further four times – our Facebook Page was launched in April 2014, we recognised that we need to be able to reach a wider audience and also gather and share the voices of the many people that contribute to the cultural diversity in Plymouth.

We have decided to utilise the established and popular wordpress.com platform which will will enable us to have many contributors delivering rich content relevant to our aims. We encourage network members to follow us by email so you can keep up to date with our news, events, and meetings. WordPress also offers us opportunity to link with many national and international Arts and Culture networks and organisations.

We hope our post will generate further debate and public comment – NOTE to network members we are looking for contributors so please Contact Us if you would like to write a few post for us.

To further our network we have also joined Twitter and our blog post will be automatically tweeted when published.

We will also utilise on-line discussion forums to widen the debates and ideas discussed at our bi-monthly meetings.



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