The Mayflower Compact Signed in 1620 – We will celebrate 400 years in 2020

In 2020 the city of Plymouth (UK) will celebrate and commemorate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. The Mayflower left Plymouth, England on September 6th 1620 with just 102 passengers and crew on board. It arrived some 56 days later on 11th November in Cape Cod on the US East coast. The Mayflower sailing is celebrated by many in the US as the beginning of a national legacy, and in the UK as the beginning of one of the most enduring alliances the world as ever known. No other date so embodies the centuries of shared cultural values and traditions that lie behind the ‘Special Relationship’ that has seen these two nations stand shoulder to shoulder through two world wars and the recent recurrent wars on terror.

The Plymouth Culture and Arts Network will enable members to plan and work collaboratively to create and promote events that will form part of the cultural calendar for Mayflower 2020.


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