Plymouth CAN wants your story

IMAGE DISPLAYING QUESTION "WHAT'S YOUR STORY?"After what some might describe as a hiatus – and others an extended holiday with a few good books and a cocktail or two – Plymouth CAN is back posting.

And hopefully – from everyone’s perspective – that is a
good thing. We can virtually hear the cheering!

If there is one thing CAN is able to do, and should be doing – it is sharing what is going on in the city on the cultural and artistic front. There are number of ways that be achieved.


The first and most obvious way is by joining us on social media.

Our twitter feed is  . Our following over there has increased in leaps and bounds since earlier this year. If you are on twitter – pop over and follow us – and if you want to make sure we notice something you are keen to publicise – then use the hashtag #PlymouthCAN

Our facebook page is . Again – this has gained in popularity recently. We always invite people to post there as as visitors – and generally speaking we will share what you post to the main page – so that it reaches an even wider audience.

We also have a relatively new and developing PlymouthCAN YouTube channel.

But what we really want is your input.

We are inviting you to contact us with your stories. Tell us about yourself or your group. Whether you are an artist, a designer, a chef or if you are running a dance group, an environmental pressure group or a drop-in centre and you are based in Plymouth we’ll help tell your story. The main criteria is that we are looking for stories about how you got to where you are now, where you want to go,your successes, set-backs and lessons learned. ( We’re not looking for specific events as such – we can still promote those for you through social media). What we want to do is provide a platform for you to tell the wider world about what makes you tick. Contact us first via email ( ) and then we can discuss what we need from you in terms of words / images etc – and then we’ll get it sorted – and publish it here as a blog – which can be shared far and wide.

So get emailing and we look forward to hearing from you.



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