Man In A Purple Suit

james bridgewater

A little while back we started asking the people of the cultural and arts community in Plymouth to tell their stories  – and we would blog them here. Well we had our first response and our first correspondent is James Bridgwater…

My priority at the moment is writing my autobiography which should be out around the end of August. Being a young guy, only in my forties people regularly think I’m a bit young to write my life story yet.

 However, when I tell them a few details they soon seem interested and are looking forward to reading it.

To give you an idea of what it is like here’s the blurb to go on the back cover of the forthcoming paperback version.

Confessions of an Emotional Shipwreck provides us with an incredibly personal and touching account of James Bridgwater’s life, from a shocking childhood tragedy to humorous accounts of his time at boarding school and on throughout his adult life. We follow him as he grows up and provides a commentary on a huge variety of social issues – from education, to mental health, to the justice system – using his own experiences to give an insight into how it was to grow up in the 1980s.

Whether you’ve had similar experiences in your life, or are just interested in learning more about mental health and how it’s dealt with in our society, this book will give you what you want. We learn about James’ lifelong struggle with mental disorders, how they affected his personal and professional life and how he ultimately learns to deal with them.”

This is not my first book as in 2013 I self-published my novel Masterstrokewith  which is backed by the Arts Council.

Despite being brought up in a strictly regimented uniformed society I have taught myself a lot about individuality, especially regarding clothing.

The fetching purple suit (above) I dyed myself.

james bridgewater 2


This picture was taken at a poetry reading event in Open Doors language school which was part of Freedom Fields Festival. As is often the case there are numerous good events going on but due to poor marketing people don’t often find out about them until reading reports afterwards.

This coming weekend is the Funky Llama festival on the Hoe from 12:30-10:30pm on Saturday 11th June. I will be a volunteer steward at this event again and I’ve enjoyed doing that a few times before.


I used to regularly go to big festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading and the Isle of Wight.

Nowadays I’m happy going to those in Plymouth and Cornwall Folk Music festival in Wadebridge in August . This is the most chilled out, relaxed event I know of.

I also sing in the Devonport Park Community Choir who were in the bandstand last weekend.

The park has an event on last Sunday of the month for the summer months.

Thanks to James for being the first guest blog and we look forward to seeing the autobiography out later this year.

If you have a story about you or your organisation you want to share – then click on this link and take it from there.


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