Straight out of the Ark (in a good way)

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Who knew that in the Noah’s Ark pub in Plymouth City Centre there is a thriving grassroots theatre group, who create and perform their own work?

This is our latest guest blog – from the Playwriters Organisation. It is a slightly edited version of an article that originally appeared in an edition of Made in Plymouth.

“We  take your idea from the page, to the stage” is the motto of The Playwriters Organisation. Formed in 2012,  it has two sections, called “The Playwriters” and “The Playwriters Production Company”.

We are the only local group to start a Play on a blank page and then, within 3 months, produce it on-stage at a Plymouth location; plus we involve all the members of the group in writing, acting, backstage, marketing, front-of-house, in fact every aspect of theatre.

Free Membership has been the keystone of The Playwriters Organisation from its inception.

To do a Playwriting course can cost upwards of £60 locally, then courses, in Acting, Marketing, Social Skills, and so on, all have fees attached, however modest. Even amateur theatre groups charge Membership and Performance fees, so to be able to offer everyone the chance to learn new skills, or offer the expertise they already possess to others, on a free-to-all basis, has to be a good thing!

“The Playwriters” meet every Friday morning at the Noah’s Ark pub in the City Centre (10.30am start). Anyone can turn up. If you like watching plays, being in a play, or wondered how to write one, or just want to be with others of a like mind, then go along.

“The Playwriters Production Company”. meets every Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm at The Noah’s Ark pub, Courtney St, off Royal Parade (behind WHSmith). The Company produces what the Playwriters create. Led by Vince Sutton, Rebecca Ford, Heather Grange, JohnMcGee, Judy Hardie and others, everyone is welcome regardless of ability.

We are an eclectic group. People from all walks of life & with varying abilities. We have people who are dyslexic, both writing & acting in our plays. We actively encourage those who have disabilities to join us. Some members have mental health problems or find social skills difficult, but to us they are another active member. We are lucky in that our Tutors and Consultants donate their time and expertise freely.


The only income that the Organisation gets is from ticket sales for its productions. This makes it difficult at times. We do apply for Arts Council grants and so forth, but without success so far. Our 12 previous productions over the past 4 years, together with our 8 courses, 7 Instant Playwriting Days, and 4 social nights, have all been funded by scrounging whatever was needed, tickets sales, raffles, and programme advertising

The current production, written by Pete Cummings, has both professional and amateur Cast members. It is a maritime mystery about two ships, two centuries apart. Both found adrift in the same spot of the Azores, and both called the same name. Just what is the connection? You can find out if you come to “The Amazon”.

See “The Amazon” at these venues

Wembury War Memorial Hall gets to see “The Amazon” first on SATURDAY 9TH JULY (3PM+7.15PM) with Tickets priced at only £8 on the day (£5 if booked in advance)

The Noahs Ark pub-theatre performances are from TUESDAY 12TH JULY TO FRIDAY 15TH JULY (7.30PM) ,SATURDAY 16TH JULY (2.30PM). Tickets are priced from £8 if pre-booked.

The Box Office is 01752 786777. Groups of 6 pay for only 5 seats.




2 thoughts on “Straight out of the Ark (in a good way)

  1. Thanks guys for telling everyone about oour fabulous new Play. we do hope the readers of this blog will come and see it. To get a reduction on your ticket please book in advance through the Box Office on 01752786 777 or 07443498137 thanks again from The Playwriters Organisation

  2. Seeing the dead person with onlooker reminds me of the Plymouth Mummers play when the King of Spain is killed evey year around the winter solstice. It seem a pity that you meet during working hours as they might like to come along.
    Tim Ingram a Plymouth Morris Man and ex Mummer.

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