Art Weekender – Summary of Meeting – Call for Ideas.

art weekender

On Wednesday evening we held our public meeting at Union Corner to discuss how best to contribute to the Art Weekender, that is coming up in September. (Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th)

The reason for this blog post is to set out what ideas and discussion came up at the meeting …

The first thing to say is that our Development Officer Claire Bower had (at very short notice ) been successful in securing a slot to give a pitch to the Devonport Soup meeting on the following day. This was to try and get £ 600 worth of funding to help with a Plymouth CAN contribution. Unfortunately the bid was unsuccessful. But we had to be in it to win it, so good work Claire.

The second thing to report is that the Unitarian Church in Notte Street has been kind enough to offer space at the Church and Church Hall over the weekend – if we wish to take advantage of it – to stage our own event (or events ).

The meeting broke off into general discussion and with the aid of trusty post-it notes, blue-tack and rolls of paper the following ideas and thoughts came out of Wednesday’s meeting.

• Oasis Café – 28 Manor Street
• Devonport Live Café
• Union Corner & garden
• Sloggett & Son Shop 140 Union Street
• Flameworks

• Black Books / Stonehouse Party (Sunday 25th)
• Devonport Live Café – Group Exhibition
• Flameworks Open Day – Craft Sales & Demo
• Flameworks : Chrysalis – Contemporary Art Exhibition


• COMMUNITY REPORTING APPEARED TO BE A MAJOR AND POPULAR IDEA  – schools / PSCA / others  to report and review events : film,blog, coupled with live reporting on social media ( eg Periscope, twitter, Facebook, Facebook live etc etc ) . This could involve small filmed snippets as well to be made into some form of documentary.
• Brest / French exchange – event (possibility)
• Artists work on show
• Film / sound art
• Performance art
• Random snippets of conversation -recorded and ‘exhibited’ / found objects & “readymades” exhibition
• Filmed snippets of ‘everything’
• Serpent Theatre / African Drumming, Performance & workshop
• Projecting local films, images in evening on unusual buildings and spaces

The main reason that we are placing this blog for general circulation now is that we would like to, if at all possible – come up with some firm and deliverable ideas ( not fine detail at this stage)  that can be included in the Art Weekender Calendar / Map under a Plymouth CAN heading. To get on that calendar – the idea(s) and venue(s) have to be submitted by July 29th – that’s 2 weeks today.

This process also gives people the chance – who are not otherwise involved – to take part as a contributor for the Weekender – as well as getting more exposure for CAN. It might be worth just mentioning again that we have the Unitarian Church as a space if we choose to use it. The feeling is, that given the offer, it would be silly not to take them up on it.

So there you have it – we have a fortnight to go – we’ll try and make a (via online) decision by July 27th – the facebook page will probably be the best place to have the ongoing discussion and reach an agreement. Whatever the outcome – and whatever we decide – the priority will be to promote Plymouth CAN and the network over the weekend as much as we can.

If you aren’t on facebook – and want to contribute – either comment on the blog, email us at or use our contact form and we will make sure that your views and ideas are fed into the discussion.  Many thanks – looking forward to hearing from you.

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