Here comes the Weekender…hashtags at the ready…


So – we are just under a week away from Plymouth Art Weekender.

Everyone is talking about it … or should be. Building on last year’s initial success – to me, as a practicing artist – there seems much more of a buzz about this year. More events – more participants – more venues.

If the impetus can be maintained – there is every chance that each succeeding year will be bigger and better.

So the focus needs to be – let’s get everyone talking and reporting about what’s on, what they’ve seen, what others should see – was it brilliant? or merely great?

Let’s get the buzz err buzzing…

This is where our network comes in. Plymouth CAN is the sum of its parts. It’s me – its you who’s reading this – anyone involved in any way with culture and the arts in Plymouth. Whether you are a participant or someone who attends events ( and most or many  of us are both ).

What we need from all of us – to really make an impact in the coming week – is online involvement via social media to really let people know what is going on. The more people share then the more people who are not part of our ‘tribe’ will get to hear about it. That’s more engagement – more buzz- and a bigger and better  Weekender in 2017 …

Though the bid was not successful – the level of online participation during the City of Culture bid a few years back was phenomenal. If we can achieve 50% of that in the coming 8 days we’ll have done alright.



If you use social media – we want you and your laptops and phones.

In the run up – check twitter, facebook and instagram for #PAW16 #Weekender #cityofmakers being used – especially #PAW16 . It’s simple – when you see it share it where you can. What Plymouth CAN would like is for you all to use #PlymouthCAN as well when you are sharing – in that way we can get a sense of what impact our network is having on the sharing of information.

If you are part of an event – publicise it online (why wouldn’t you? ) and use #PAW16 & #PlymouthCAN  – hopefully it’s becoming clear …

Once the Weekender is upon us – and you’re out and about – take photos, write quick reviews, do live broadcasts, anything basically – and then share everywhere using the hashtags. And as in the run-up just keep an eye on what’s being shared and pass it on as described. It would be great to see #PAW16 trending nationally – just like we did during the City of Culture bid.

We’d also be happy to receive longer blog posts from you – more considered pieces – that can be published once the Weekender is over.

But – final call to arms – post and share like you’ve never done before – including this blog !! 

Steve ( My Dog Ate Art )




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