About Plymouth Culture and Arts Network


Plymouth CAN Meeting Devonport Guildhall

On 13th March 2014, representatives from a wide range of cultural organisations as well as many individual artists, writers, musicians and performers, came together for the first Culture and Arts Network (CAN) at Barbican Theatre in Plymouth.

Following a Plymouth Octopus Project (POP) seminar at which several representatives of Plymouth’s cultural sector were present, it became clear that many people wanted to improve communication and input with regard to Plymouth’s cultural strategy.

Jacky Clift (POP), Sheila Snellgrove (Barbican Theatre) and Gabi Marcellus-Temple (Flameworks/PCQ Arts) then met with David Draffan (Assistant Director, Plymouth City Council) and Nicola Moyle (Head of Arts and Heritage, Plymouth City Council) to discuss how cultural organisations in Plymouth can feed into council-led and city-wide projects, such as City of Culture bids. The suggestion that a network of cultural groups could form, with representatives to act as a conduit for information, was positively received.

CAN met for the first time on 13th March at the Barbican Theatre. Attendance was outstanding, with representatives from a wide range of art forms and cultural groups. Sheila Snellgrove and Gabi Marcellus-Temple began by explaining the roots and ideas behind CAN. Lisa Mitchell, Plymouth’s new Arts Engagement Officer, also spoke about her role and emphasised that Plymouth City Council is open to input, suggestions and increased involvement of individuals and organisations from the sector.

Laura Smith, Marketing and Development Manager at Barbican Theatre said:

“The wealth of experience and knowledge in the room was fantastic! It was great to see people working together to outline the aims and objectives of CAN as well as offering their support and discussing future projects for the network. Overall, the first CAN meeting was hugely positive. It showed the desire from individuals and organisations alike to enhance the cultural offer, improve communications and strengthen the sector’s voice and influence in the city.”

CAN meetings are open to everyone who works or volunteers in arts and culture in and around Plymouth.

CAN ADMIN – We have a small “admin/facilitators” group, volunteering to organise and facilitate our public meetings and to update our media. Any member of the network is welcome to join this group 🙂

Contact Us if you would like to join the network or for more information about us